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The work of Verhoeven Twins combines the iconic with the practical: it is a mystical story converted into function and form, where the smooth and feathery impressions of dreams become objects that we can see, touch and especially use in our daily lives. Whether they work with museums, architects, furniture, or fashion agencies, for commercial brands or on self-initiated projects, the goal is to create challenging, seemingly impossible and therefore beautiful objects, such as the Bubbles. The work of “the Twins” is regularly exhibited internationally.

A good example of the versatile projects of the Verhoeven Twins is the DEDOTS project. Imagine a canvas on which you can portray the greatest stories of your dreams. Vivid images, intricate patterns and dared graphic art; this is possible with DEDOTS fabrics.

The system is simple: 3D pixels in all colors are mounted on a mesh panel and can serve as a fence, ceiling, railing or more. Whether you want to enliven a staircase with a custom designed pattern or install a statement screen around a sports park, DEDOTS gives each surface and environment a unique character. DEDOTS are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% sustainable.

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