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VANTOT is the collective name for the work of Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp, who are united by an unstoppable ambition to create and innovate. VANTOT, operating from the “smartest” square kilometers in Europe, Eindhoven, is specialized in translating innovative and experimental ideas into refreshing applications, products, and installations.

By experimenting with the conduction of electricity, the design duo has created innovative interior objects that use electricity as a visible ornament instead of hiding it.

“VANTOT remains fully focused on the transition of light. In the future, lightbulb with a socket, cord and plug will be in the past. Instead, you could have a wide curtain of light. A lamp no longer hangs above the dining table, because it will bring the light towards you, and you are able to take it with you while moving around the room.”

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What we did

The service provided by Frisky Agency for VANTOT consisted of a consultancy. Using coaching sessions and a detailed studio plan, Frisky Agency played a supporting role behind the scenes in the professionalization of the studio. This consultancy traject included; mapping personal branding; concretizing points for attention for VANTOT’s future goals; tightening up the financial process; formulating artistic goals, vision and mission; and support in focusing on the projects most appropriate vision, signature and artistic objectives.

For more information about VANTOT you can visit the following website:

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