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Van Dijken Glas is a family business founded in 1933 by Jacob van Dijken. Over the years, the company has grown into an authority in the field of interior glass and special projects through continuous innovation and the use of special techniques. New techniques bring forth new possibilities and other applications.

Van Dijken Glas has extensive modern production facilities. Thus, Van Dijken Glass possesses both the expertise and the resources to carry out highly unique projects. Van Dijken Glass is eager to share its knowledge with architects, designers, creators, users, interior builders, and many other sectors. The possibilities with glass are becoming increasingly extensive and sophisticated.

Frisky Agency helps designers and creatives to grow.

What we did

The services of Frisky Agency for Van Dijken Glas encompass HR, Legal, and Finance support, as well as the realization of a coreplan. In our advisory process, we have worked on the professionalization of Van Dijken Glas at various levels.

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