The Eatelier

The Eatelier

Research-Driven Design

In 2016, Katinka Versendaal founded The Eatelier. Katinka describes herself as a gastronomic futurologist with a great interest for world issues such as climate change, health problems, food safety and what they mean for the way we eat, now and in the future.

As a research-based food design studio, The Eatelier aims to develop a sustainable, healthy and flavorful future of food. In doing so, The Eatelier bridges scientific research, socio-cultural trends, technological innovation and the gastronomic world.

Whether designing for a client or developing on self-initiated projects, the studio pays equal attention to context, process and detail in different areas. The analytical nature of the Eatelier translates into remarkable gastronomic results, products and strategies.

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What we did

Through a coaching trajectory, Frisky Agency supported the professionalization of Katinka’s studio.

For more information about The Eatelier, please visit the following website:

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