Rive Roshan



Collectible Design & Artistic Installations

Rive Roshan’s work is characterized by a strong fascination for color, texture and materiality that leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty.

Rive Roshan is the artistic studio of Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan. The duo creates visual wonders in the form of collectible design and immersive installations to connect intuitively with people. Their objects are the key to achieving emotional well-being and wonder. They use various materials such as glass, textiles, and pottery. Their role as artists and designers is to provide people with a new and inspiring story on which to build a progressive future. Through experimental processes and techniques, the studio designs immersive spatial experiences that enrich lives and create memories that are cherished.

Rive Roshan’s work has been featured at Les Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris, The Old Selfridges Hotel London, Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Museum JAN, and a recent acquisition by National Gallery Victoria.

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What we did

The services provided by Frisky Agency for Rive Roshan consist of a consultancy service with studioplan and coaching sessions in which we have worked on the professionalization and strategy of the studio.

For more information about Rive Roshan you can visit the following website: riveroshan.com

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