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New Order of Fashion (NOoF) is an international platform that unites exemplary fashion talent from all over the world. By presenting innovative, radical perspectives and stimulating experimentation and co-creation, NOoF offers answers and solutions that contribute concretely to the global dialogue about a more sustainable fashion industry.

NOoF emphasizes that a radical shift is needed within the fashion industry. The foundations of today’s industry are excessive production and consumption. NOoF is committed to an alternative: a foundation of creativity and innovation. NOoF sees these forces in abundance in a young generation of fashion designers who are rebelling against the established order and fighting for a sustainable future. These are the fashion talents who will make the difference, for now and the future, this is the New Order of Fashion!

NOoF connects talents with companies in their successful Fellowship program, in which processes of companies are made more sustainable The New Fashion Store offers an alternative to fast fashion stores by creating a sustainable fashion community for reusing and upcycling customers’ clothing. With its annual exhibitions, NOoF raises awareness of the fast fashion industry and the associated pollution among the public.

Frisky Agency helps designers and creatives to grow.

What we did

The services provided by Frisky Agency for New Order of Fashion consists of consultancy, coaching and financial support. Based on coaching trajectories and the realization of a studioplan, Frisky Agency played a role in the professionalization of the foundation, clarifying their objectives and charting their course towards internationalization, for them to be able to make more impact.

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