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Kranen/Gille is a design studio founded by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2004. Initially, they went their separate ways, but in 2006, they reunited to work on “The Von Trapp Dining Room,” a project exhibited at Salone Del Mobile in Milan in 2007. This series of products, inspired by Tyrolean folk art, marked the beginning of Kranen/Gille as a studio.

The design process of Kranen and Gille is characterized by their imaginative approach. They value the early stages of creation, often starting with sketches of discarded materials to maintain a critical eye on the product itself. By designing in this way, they can freely explore ideas, resulting in a distinctive and authentic quality in their final products.

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What we did

The services of Frisky Agency for Kranen/Gille include 1-on-1 coaching sessions and the development of a studioplan and internationalizationplan. In our advisory process, we focused on professionalizing Kranen/Gille’s studio at various organizational levels.

For more information about Kranen/Gille, you can visit their website:

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