Our Story.

Our Story

The origin of

Frisky Agency

Over the past 15 years, Frisky’s experts have been working under the name of addvisor. Addvisor has collaborated or is currently collaborating with major designers, artists, production houses and institutions within the creative industry, such as: Claudy Jongstra, Joris Laarman, Studio Drift, Iris van Herpen, VANTOT, Maarten Baas, Verhoeven Twins, ByBorre, Den Herder Production House, S.T.R.S., Jan van Eijck academy and Van Dijken Glasbeleving. We have guided them with various matters such as: (project) funding, professionalization, personal coaching, mergers and joint ventures, revitalisations (e.g. the Jan van Eijck academy), restructuring and unbundling & liquidation.

Through observing the strong need for consultancy, support and coaching within the creative industry, Frisky Creative Agency was founded. Frisky is an authority within the creative field, specifically focussing on the following groups of products: Architectural fabrics, collectable design and artistic installations.

The core values of Frisky Creative Agency are:

Personal involvement, dedication, trust, long-term relationships, fair trade, transparency of our own services and processes, and discretion towards our customers and clients.

Why we do what we do

Artists and designers push the boundaries of innovation in addition to, and often in collaboration with scientists. Boundaries that often ask for innovation and improvement. This can only be done by researching, developing, experimenting, sharing and transferring knowledge. By recycling or repurposing what is made, or by inventing new applications. Everyone has their own motive to innovate, inspire and be meaningful. Frisky supports and empowers designers and artists by ensuring that they can maintain focus on their creative, often technically innovative processes.

Through intensive collaboration and involvement in (successful) design studios, we have gained the insight that designers and artists often do not lack the passion and drive to convert their ideas into concrete products, projects or installations. However, they sometimes lack the entrepreneurial skills to become internationally successful. Creatives may sometimes lose their focus on the creative process for various reasons. For example, they may get lost doing in peripheral activities, which often consumes too much time and energy.

Maximum potential

The goal of Frisky is to help designers and artists in realizing their maximum potential. We do this by sharing our extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial skills and by working with them to create a concrete and actionable studio plan. In this plan, the DNA, the signature of the designer or artist, is established and a strategy is devised to become internationally successful. Together we make sure that the goals and aspirations of the designer or artist are clear, and we translate the passion of the designer or artist into an ambition. Thus, your ambition is our mission.

How we do what we do

The services of Frisky are:
Scouting, Consulting, Supporting en Representing.

1. Scouting

Frisky scouts the best talents from well-known art & design academies. We have an eye for talented, potentially successful designers and studios and select them based on the competences necessary to become a successful organization. Where necessary, we offer support to make sure the designer can focus solely on the creative process. Frisky is convinced that with the right dose of talent, competences, perseverance, focus, attention and perhaps some luck there is a great chance of success. The designer themselves determines the definition and course of this success, supported by Frisky.

The scouted talents must have a distinctive signature and strive to do their design, R&D, creation, and production in-house. Furthermore, it is important that they have clear storytelling behind their projects. They must want to excel in their field of expertise and be unique and distinctive. We are looking for rough diamonds that have yet to be polished.

2. Consulting

Frisky wants to help these creatives by professionalizing their studio. We have developed tailor-made programs that are tailored to the different life phases of the studio (start-up, scale-up and grown-up phase) and the specific needs of the creative. Frisky has developed a blueprint for success based on almost 20 years of experience in guiding highly successful designers and / or institutions. For more information, please review our tailor-made programs, which can be found under “services”.

3. Supporting

Due to the personal involvement and dedication of Frisky towards its clients, we wish to offer support in various fields. Support by professionals with a great affinity and love for the creative world. By providing creative support in the field of sales (support), marketing & communication, project & studio management, finance, HR management and legal & tax, the creative can fully focus on his or her creative process, whilst Frisky manages other tasks.

4. Representing

In addition to scouting, consulting, and supporting, Frisky’s main goal is to represent its creatives. We want to represent our amazing talents worldwide by managing sales of projects, products and/or installations.

Exclusive network
Frisky can rely on a strong international network of top-notch designers, production houses, architects, interior designers, curators, galleries, and other stakeholders in the creative world, which has had great added value in the professionalization of the organizations of our clients. This network, and the knowledge and expertise of Frisky are fully deployed in the professionalization of the organizations of our clients. Frisky does this with personal attention and dedication.
The goal of this network is to generate more projects for designers and artists, by connecting them with potential new clients.

Proactieve sales
In addition to “reactive” sales support, Frisky Agency can also proactively generate sales. In this scenario, Frisky will take the lead in generating and approaching the most suitable leads and closing deals for and in collaboration with our clients.

Our Team of Professionals

Here to help you!



After graduating in law, Ed gained experience in business at Achmea and ABN AMRO from 1997 to 2004. With the acquired knowledge he subsequently established addfin B.V. in 2004. ver the period from 2004-2020, addfin B.V. has grown into addvisor group. During this period, addvisor has assisted more than 800 clients with various consultancy processes (see www.addvisor.nl). One of the 9 top sectors in which Ed has built up expertise with addvisor is the creative sector, and more specifically designers, artists, production houses and institutions. Because of this expertise, he founded Frisky in 2020. Ed speaks the language of the creatives, but can simultaneously provide them with strong business, organizational, innovative, strategic, financial, and legal advice.
Senior Consultant - Interim Manager


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, Wik followed his passion of filmmaking and enrolled at a film school in London. Back in Holland, Wik started a career as tv-director, later setting up his own Production Company ‘Cumulus Productions’ with a partner. After a period of rapid growth ‘Cumulus Productions’ was sold to IDTV, which Wik continued to work for. After leaving IDTV, Wik was a free-lance consultant for a while, before setting up a branded-content video department for TMG. In 2017 Wik started working for Studio Drift as Managing Director Operations, helping the founders professionalize the studio.

Having managed fast growing companies, Wik is very much an allrounder: Strategy, Organization, HR, Legal, Finance, he is at home in all these fields. Applying structure based on a clear strategy is his strength.

Creating success together with others, in which everyone's talents come into their own, is Wik’s drive. He strongly believes in giving responsibilities and confidence to allow employees and organization to flourish, thriving himself in work environments where creativity and passion predominate.

Creative consultant


Matz helped launch Frisky in 2020. Within Frisky, Matz is a creative consultant, focusing on communication and sales, trends in the design world, and professionalization trajectories for our clients. Matz finds her passion in the design world and speaks the language of the designers and artists like no other. In her free time, she is heavily involved in practicing visual art forms. In the run-up to her career, she gained work experience at Studio Drift, MAISON the FAUX, and Muurbloem Design Studio while studying Visual Art & Design Management at HKU.
Creative consultant


Sharon supports various designers within Frisky's consultancy projects. In addition, she participates in the creation and implementation of campaigns to scout new talents. She investigates the market on behalf of the agency and takes care of the design for our clients. Through her Master's degree in Communication and Influence, she has found her passion for creating textual and visual formats. Sharon has an eye for detail and is always ready to think with Frisky her clients.
Creative consultant


Romy works at Frisky as a Creative consultant. Ever since her younger years, she has had a huge passion for drawing and has taken many art classes. She is convinced that you can express so much more with an image than with words. With this vision, she did a preparatory course at ArtEZ to study various art forms. With her bachelor's degree in Communication & Multimedia Design she specialized in designing (online) content and with her master's degree in Communication and Influencing she studied the theories behind communication and marketing methods. Now she puts the theory into practice while consulting clients in professionalization projects, creating content for Frisky and she is exploring the expansion of the Agency for Frisky. Romy gets a lot of energy from working out strategies and believes that with cooperation you can come up with the best ideas.
Creative consultant


Lieke works as a Creative consultant at Frisky. Her grandfather was an artist and this gave her the passion to be creative at a young age. As a result, she chose the bachelor degree in Communication where she specialized in strengthening a communication strategy with powerful design. Now she puts the theory into practice while consulting clients on professionalization projects, creating content for Frisky and making sure the branding strategy is well executed and evaluated. This way she creates brand strategies for our creative clients. During her minor in strategic branding, she discovered her passion for supporting designers by translating their creative vision and identity into a concrete concept.


Marloes works at Frisky as a consultant. In the meantime. By combining different stakeholder management theories, she has created a service model to help Frisky's clients to map and manage their stakeholders. Furthermore, Marloes has developed a method to show designers where there funding potential lies. She also assists the designers in applying for grants, where she specializes in technologically innovative projects. Her client-focused attitude and enthusiasm always ensure a pleasant working atmosphere!




Fons works as a consultant at Frisky. He advises creatives on organizational structure, strategy, risk analysis or changes such as a merger. By completing masters in both Corporate Law and Strategic Management, Fons brings knowledge of the legal and business side of an organization with him. He is assertive, has a great sense of responsibility and thinks in terms of possibilities. This allows him to respond well to the needs of the creatives.


Rik works as a consultant at Frisky in the field of sales and innovation grants. He has a academic background in Business Administration at the Radboud University. During his bachelors he has explored many different extracurricular activities. Frisky is a large step in the right direction to further develop himself personally and professionally. Step by step he is on his way to finding his passion!

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