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Our mission is to guide the finest designers and artists to an (internationally) successful business as quickly and carefully as possible, while ensuring that the designer or artist is able to focus on the creative process. When the designer or artist has to deal with all the business responsibilities themselves, it can cause distractions from the design process and limit the growth of the business. Therefore, we like to help our clients innovate and grow faster and more efficiently by coaching and supporting them. In addition, we help the designer or artist on their way to financial independence, allowing them the freedom to create the projects of their dreams as a designer or artist.

Various funding opportunities exist for professionalization programs for creative studios. Because Frisky Agency is experienced in the field of funding and is able to help the designer or artist to obtain these funds, Frisky’s services can often be fully or partially funded by these funds.

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Niels Hoebers

Artistic Installation

Niels Hoebers studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he graduated Cum Laude in 2010 with the stop-motion animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination. Immediately after graduating, he started his Stopmotion Animation Studio in Eindhoven, where he produces complete stop-motion productions from concept to final editing.

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